Catering Order Form

If ordering to East Tamaki we can likely provide your catered meal immediately. However when ordering from Highbrook, Mt. Wellington, or Onehunga, please ensure that you place your order at least before 2pm the day before the meal is required. No pickup after 2:30pm.

Please feel free to call your store to confirm if they can service your catering order.

Your order will be made in-house and it will be hot and ready to go at the time you specify.

Catering menu

Quick Snack

1 Small sausage roll, 1 savoury, 2 club sandwiches, 1 mini muffin and half a slice

$9.50 / person

Light Lunch

1 Small sausage roll, 1 savoury, 3 club sandwiches or 1 round filled roll, 2 mini muffins and 1 slice

$13.50 / person

Winter Warmer

1 Large sausage roll, 1 gourmet quiche, 2 savouries, and a half bacon egg slice

$13.50 / person

Custom Order

Savouries ($2.00) each - mince, mince & cheese, potato top, chicken, ham & tomato quiche, vege & mushroom quiche, mini sausage rolls

Club sandwiches ($2.00) each - roastbeef, cornbeef, ham or vegetarian

Mini muffins ($1.80) each - Blueberry, Chocolate chip

Please Phone or email if you need to confirm a price for your own creation

Items can be substituted based on preference.