You know you’re eating fresh bread when you taste and smell that smell. At The Bakehouse, you get that quality bread all the way through to our cream buns. Baked the day you eat it. Baked, The Bakehouse way.

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Our sandwich bar has all fresh meats, salads and sauces. Your sandwich or roll will be made on the spot, with good old fashioned New Zealand ingredients. Likely the same that we supplied to your old school.

Bakery Items

Pies, sausage rolls, slices, cakes, all baked fresh daily

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Custom Rolls & Sandwiches

Add in any of our fresh, real ingredients such as beetroot, egg, and home made sauces.

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Our rolls, sandwiches and catering menu

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In addition to our three main catering packages, we offer a build it your own option from a wide selection of sweet and savoury delights. All catering can be picked up from our stores.

Quick Snack

Small sausage roll, savoury, club sandwiches, mini muffin and half a slice

$9.50 per person

Light Lunch

Small sausage roll, savoury, club sandwiches or filled roll, mini muffins and a slice

$13.50 per person

Winter Warmer

Large sausage roll, gourmet quiche, savouries, and a half bacon egg slice

$13.50 per person

Stephen and his son Ryan manage and operate their chain of bakeries and original food boutiques the same way they have since they opened in 1987. “The food is made genuinely fresh, on the morning you eat it. If you come in at 6am you will find the food warm on the counter. Who else can say the same? When you take a bite and smell our bread, you know, its pure, quality ingredients with nothing added.”

Pop In to one their stores to taste the difference. Then invite your friends, family and co-workers!


"80% know what they want when they arrived, but then are not so sure as they are overwhelmed by so much lovely choice."

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